3 business units for
integrated management system


MAGNETA LOGISTICS has been developing at a fast pace. Seeking to provide better service four our customers, we have opened several new business units. Each of them is focused on a specific market. MAGNETA GROUP is focused on EU market, MAGNETA LOGISTICS works with CIS countries, MAGNETA IR TRANSPORTAS has transport license and owns our fleet of trucks. Combined, all these brands provide quality, reliability and speed, that is already well-known in the field of logistics.




• Delivering loads promptly and responsibly, complying only with the highest standards - both technical and business.


• Transporting and forwarding goods by vehicles, designed specifically for food and temperature controlled food products.


• Adhering to international standards IFS v. 2.3 logistics requirements, to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the management system in accordance with customer expectations.


• Delivering cargoes – food and temperature controlled food - in compliance with IFS v. 2.3 logistics requirements for food products for the required recipients and within a reasonable period of time.


• Managing risks and applying appropriate safety and prevention measures for each order and jointly throughout the supply chain.

• Complying with the laws, other legal and regulatory requirements of the European Union and contractual obligations entered by the enterprise.

• Systematically planing and coordinating the efficient use of the company's vehicle to achieve pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the environment, sustainability.

• Developing responsibility and understanding of each employee of the company, in terms of environmental protection and conservation of natural resources, sustainability, satisfaction of clients' needs and fulfilment of assumed obligations.

• Striving for development and continuous improvement of activities by setting goals and allocating the necessary resources.


The management of the Company is responsible for ensuring that this policy is known, understood and implemented by all employees of MAGNETA IR TRANSPORTAS at all levels of activity and known to all interested parties.