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EXCISE PRODUCTS and beverages

This is one of the latest additions to our delivery list. Our major clients were in need of this service, therefore we have introduced it 5 years ago. Now it is thriving. We have delivered more than 120,000 tones of beverages and more than 60,000 tones of excise products over 2018. We are proud that brands like Coca Cola, Carlsberg group, Nestle Waters, Paulaner, Guinness, Torres put their trust in us.



For your convenience we can provide wide variety of warehousing services. We are ready to warehouse and handle bonded and excise goods, providing storage, repackaging, consolidation, cross-checking quantities and quality (photo service) excise labeling, stickering, barcoding, etc. of goods. Also, we can help with customs service: processing of export declarations, TIR Carnet, warranty declaration, contacting the customs directly, loading and unloading warehouses on behalf of customer if that is necessary. That way we can ensure smooth delivery in terms of weight, volume, plate number, proper delivery address, consistent custom documents, and quality check. We are sending documents from loading warehouse for customer (CMR, invoice, packing list, certificates, etc.) on demand.