Few of our clients were building new factories to expand their businesses. They asked us to deliver bulky industrial equipment. The main challenge here was to manage all the permits across all the countries. A lot of planning ahead needed to be done, because permits to move oversized/overweight objects have time constraints. Good thing: we love challenges! This is not our main business, however we love to help our clients. Usually, we have 15-20 that kind of projects per year. One project can include 10-50 trailers at the same time.


• Highly experienced, safe delivery minded drivers
• High precision route planning
• Individual management of permits in different countries
• 24/7 support. Keeping you updated at all times.
• Cargo insurance and third party liability insurance 300 000Eur/cargo or more if required
• IFS Logistics, ISO:22000:2018, ISO:9001:2015, ISO:14001:2015 applied
• Modern and advanced business process to ensure smooth delivery
• Convoy service available for high value goods delivery


• Storing all the transportation related documentation (CMR, TIR Carnet, EX1, etc) for 10 years
• Customs service (processing of export declarations, TIR Carnet, warranty declaration)
• Contacting the customs directly, loading and unloading warehouses on behalf of customer if that is necessary. That way we can ensure smooth delivery (weight, volume, plate number, proper delivery address, consistent custom documents, and quality check). Sending documents from loading warehouse for customer (CMR, invoice, packing list, certificates, etc.) on demand.